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Captivating woodlands


The Lake and its captivating woodland is close to many people’s hearts within the area of Saint Sernin. Many locals reminisce of wonderful, happy summer days that were spent there many, many years ago. The lake and its surrounding 51 hectares of land was sold to a private investor many years ago, but the investor was unable to complete a holiday resort within the park. It has therefore lay dormant for almost ten years, until now……

A beautiful future

Lac de Gastelgaillard Resort - Infographics

Wonderful environment


Thanks to the investment and innovation of Peter Bull, The Lake de Castelgaillard is to return as it once was, a beautiful enchanted woodland and parkland offering an abundance of facilities, activities and great leisure days available to all. In conjunction with the local authorities and environmental advisers, the lake and its surroundings is currently being cleared of dead vegetation and is being beautifully landscaped in keeping with its original blueprint.

Clearing such vegetation has created unforgettable views of the lake and opened up a wonderment of nature and calm. Peaceful walkways and bicycle paths are being uncovered and important vegetation is being allowed to grow and develop to create this wonderful environment. Working closely with our local councils, existing buildings are currently being restored and developed. With their authorisation, and in the not too distant future, a Lakeside view restaurant, Community Snack Bar and a Reception / Sales office will be ready to deal with enquiries.

A panoramic of Nature


Views of this natural beauty


We are pleased to announce that full planning permission was granted in November 2018. Building work has already started and the sales office and reception have been completed. Work is on the way to complete the restaurant. We will then start the pool and other works which are due to finish by 2020. Work will continue on the improvement of the lake and in conjunction with our Environmental advisers, plans will commence for:

  • Planting of more trees, to replace any that are felled due to diseased or old trees.
  • Return of a wild orchid field that was once in abundance many years ago.
  • Working with Lyon University to enable studies of rare bats that live in hidden caves within the parkland
  • On advisory studies, maintenance and control of the dam

We propose there will be four phases in total, each one representing a certain area on the site. It is deemed that the work for phase one will start to the east of the lake and perhaps work will commence on the waterfront properties first.

Our aim is to be fully open and operational in 2020, opening 12 months a year.

Construction Planning: Units on each area