Peter Bull Holiday Resorts


Due to open 2020

We are pleased to announce that full planning permission was granted in November 2018. Building work has already started and the sales office and reception have been completed. Work is on the way to complete the restaurant. We will then start the pool and other works which are due to finish by 2020. Our new Due to open 2020

March 2018 Update

The team at Lac de Castelgaillard have made tremendous progress resurrecting a stunning resort back to its former glory. Massive clearing of dead trees, weeds and overgrown hedges that were left dormant from 10 years ago and preparation of the new sandy beach and all the while ensuring the precious local wildlife is protected at March 2018 Update

First step in the Lac De Castelgaillard Resort project

The project over recent months has been presented to all the local community departments and has gained full support. We have cleared many areas of overgrown vegetation, dead or diseased trees. We have put in for permits to rebuild the reception, restaurant, snack bar, front entrance and staff accommodation.